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Take a look at the shields and plaques available online today. There is a variety of different styles, shapes, sizes and types of wood. Also within this selection there is shields for annuals and shields for mini keepsakes.

The annuals are suitable to use for schooling, sporting or corporate. The annuals hold from 5 years of names all the way up to 32 years. Top Trophies North recommend the ‘Triumph‘, as this is the traditional shaped annual shield and it will hold up to 11 years of names.

Or maybe, check out the ‘Ashfield‘ for more of a modern shield. Personalise the shields with text and logo.

If you wish to use a wooden shield as a replica, check out the mini keepsake shields.

Alternatively, having trouble finding the perfect shield. Contact us on 01704 823 666. Or come and visit the showroom in Mere Brow.