Finally TTN can officially show you a sample of our personalised Wood Keyrings. For the last couple of years, on & off, we have been looking for a supplier of wood sheets, suitable to be laser engraved and cut. CUT being one of the big issues we faced. Having trialed & sampled so many different types of wood, with not much success, little did we know we were using the complete wrong products! (Actually, maybe we did know, but didn’t have a clue what to do about it!)

So, here goes; we were set with a task that we were determined not to fail. A regular customer requested a large quantity of wood keyrings. Previously we had always convinced customers to have personalised acrylic keyrings or metal engraved keyrings from our range. But this time, our client was specific in wanting wooden. Let’s face it we’ve known from day one that our laser machine ans software is more than capable of producing personalised wood keyrings, we just weren’t looking in the right place & it was time we sourced a reliable supplier.

Here’s where the market research really paid off! We found a fantastic new supplier- shout out to their sales lady! who was so helpful in educating us in this new field of material. Not only did she forward some wood samples of her recommendation to trial, but also threw in loads of other amazing material samples to try, like glitter acrylic!

Here it all begins; we can now mass produce quality, personalised wood keyrings. To be precise, on average 80 keyrings per hour, 8 hours a day. Meaning we can produce 640 keyrings per day! This is fantastic for TTN, it has opened up a whole new avenue to our business.

Take a look at the video; this is our machine in action, showing you how the wooden keyrings are made. The result is a perfectly produced personalised wooden keyring. Why not send us your company logo or artwork, along with your details and we will send you a FREE SAMPLE, to see for yourself. Email to

Client: Ron Hodgson- Specialist Car Sales