Welome to Top Trophies North!

Hello there, welcome to Top Trophies North’s blog. Here you will find a whole host of engraving, designs and advice! and of course keep up to date with what we have been up to in our shop!

Lets start at the beginning.

Top Trophies North started off as a small business from a bedroom (I know, right!) Vicky and her family started with the investment of a small engraving machine and and the will power to grow. We have established the company through growth of the bedroom, to a portacabin. Where there, we expanded the office space and added a larger machine to the team. Outgrowing the portacabin (much sooner than originally expected!), we needed a bigger shop and showroom for customers to fully browse the selection of trophies and awards available.

This is when Vicky and the family decided to build the shop, that we still call home to Top Trophies today! with a full shop and larger office space the brand has expanded yet again to venture into alternative engraving methods. So along came our largest machine; the laser machine- this machine is capable of many tasks, such as engraving various materials such as glass, wood, slate and plastic. It can also cut out shapes in wood and plastics giving us the ability to create totally unique items. Such as the bespoke keyrings, door signage and memorial plaques.

Lets talk about the team.

As you may have guessed Vicky owns the shop. Her younger sister Nichola started the business with her but ventured into other avenues once we had estabished into the portacabin. Vicky’s Mum, Janet, started here early on, recently working down to part-time and has now retired. Which leads us to Hayley, Hayley has been a family friend of Vicky since her eldest daughter Dani was a baby (shes about to leave high school!!!). Fast forward some years and Hayley started working for Vicky back in 2015, and is a full-time member of the team. Kate started once Janet had retired back in April 2019, part-time. After a handful of weeks Kate decided to leave her other job and became another full-time’er at Top Trophies North. So there you have it, a very quick heads up on who is who and how we started the Top Trophies brand from a small bedroom to 3 full time members of staff and a shop for customers to visit.